ICBC is reminding PG vehicle owners to remain on top of car maintenance, especially with the extreme cold warning issued for the area.

Spokesperson Doug Macdonald noted car owners should have prepared their vehicles for winter earlier in the season.

“We need to address our driving habits when it comes to the weather and changing temperatures,” he said.

“One of the things we have to remind drivers of is making sure your vehicle is heated up properly, that your windows are defrosted and that the snow is off your total vehicle.”

Macdonald adds drivers should use their full headlights, clean off taillights, check and replace their windshield wipers, and take the time to de-ice them before heading out for the day.

“Make sure you let your vehicle warm up. Part of that is making sure you plug your vehicle in at night and use a block heater.”

ICBC reminds drivers to watch for city crew vehicles clearing snow and to give yourself extra time to get to your destination due to conditions, in addition to maintaining a safe following distance between other cars.