SD 57 students who usually take the bus will need to be a little more vigilant this week due to the frosty conditions.

Temperatures are only expected to reach the high minus twenties with overnight lows of -32 and -34 today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday) making the morning commute to school a little less enjoyable.

Board Chair, Tim Bennett advises students and parents to check the Diversified website to see if their school bus is running.

“Check to see if your bus is running or is delayed. Students who are waiting at a bus stop we ask that they do not wait longer than 15 minutes. If your bus doesn’t arrive please head home and get back into the warm.”

Bennett adds SD 57 facilities do not close due to weather but it’s up to the parent to send their child to school.

“School District 57 schools do not close because of temperature, depending on the number of the kids in the school, regular instruction may look a little differently.”