Prince George residents wanting to pay their respects and show support to the mourning Iranian community have been invited to a memorial service for victims of the crash of flight 752 in Tehran.

The service will be held on Sunday, January 26th between 2 to 4 pm at the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.

“We are all looking for comfort, and we are all looking to remember we are out here to support each other,”  said Youshita Gashtil, a vigil organizer.

“Each and every one of those people regardless of their background or which country they are from could have been any one of us, at any time.”

She said the crash hits close to home for members of the Iranian community throughout the country.

“I always say Canada is like all of your body parts, they have different functions, different shapes, but all one body, If one part of your body is in pain, all of your body feels it, all of your body wants to comfort it.”

Gashtil explained the final agenda has not been determined for the service, but it will include speeches, candle lighting, and singing.

Meanwhile, UNBC will join other Canadian universities in a moment of silence on Wednesday at 10am.