The Prince George Cougars are partnering with Autism B.C. to offer sensory kits at home games.

The kits, available at guest services, will include earmuffs, a colouring book and crayons, several fidget toys, earplugs and sunglasses.

“We started educating ourselves and talking to people about what the cougars could do to make games a little more comfortable for people,” explained Vice President Andy Beesley.

“There is a decent segment of people in our community who are uncomfortable coming because there is just too much happening in a game. Too much noise, too many lights, basically sensory overload.”

According to Beesley, the kits are designed to provide comfort to those with autism and other sensory issues.

“When it’s a close game and people are cheering and screaming and shouting and the goal horn goes off, there is really very little we can do to change that. This is a way to counter that.”

Families with sensory issues are encouraged to call the Cougars front office for an in-person briefing on what happens at games and to arrange special accommodations for those that need it.