A drug trafficking investigation dating back to last year has led to an arrest by the Prince George RCMP.

On Friday (14th), a traffic stop was conducted by police along Foothills Boulevard.

Cpl. Craig Douglass spoke with MyPGNow.com.

“As a result of that traffic stop, a 34-year-old man who was the driver was arrested and found to be in possession of $10,000 in cash and the vehicle was seized as part of the investigation.”

The RCMP also executed a pair of warrants at homes located on the 1200 block of North Ospika Boulevard and Orbin Place where a large volume of meth and cocaine was seized along with drug trafficking paraphernalia and 50-thousand dollars in cash.

He states the detachment has done a bang-up job on getting illegal drugs off the street.

“We’ve had some pretty big ones lately that have gotten a lot of attention but we’ve had them (drug busts) in the past as well, this is ongoing work not only from our street crew but also our frontline officers.”

Douglass adds the drug game has changed over the last five years.

“If you go back about a half a dozen years Fentanyl became an issue and that changed the dynamic not only the drugs that are on the street but how we have to deal with them.”

The suspect was held in custody and later released.