The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George (RDFFG) wants to change the way fees are calculated for demolition, land clearing, and construction waste.

The proposed system would reward individuals who separate their trash instead of bringing in mixed loads.

RDFFG Manager of Waste Diversion, Laura Zapotichny says that some types of trash can be used, “instead of just burying them.”

Useful materials that can be sorted and potentially recycled include clean wood, asphalt, concrete, scrap metal, stumps, and treated wood

Ultimately, the Regional District hopes to implement variable tipping fees as a way to encourage trash separation.

“We hope it diverts things from the landfill… we look at tonnage at the end of the year, so if we can stream some of this heavier material from being buried in our landfill, we hope we can reduce some of our numbers,” Zapotichny said.