After one hundred years in the community, Northern Hardware will be closing its doors for good today (Saturday).

Although the closure was announced back in November, it was still “sad to see all the people coming in to see the store,” according to Peter Mueller, a 43-year-veteran of the store.

Shelves sit empty as Northern Hardware prepares to close shop (Photo supplied by Justin Madu,

Under fluorescent lights and admist mostly-empty shelves, Mueller commented: “it’s hard to see the store like this. It’s the end of an era, and the start of a new chapter.”

Mueller reflected on the changes he saw during his four decades working in the store, remarking that customers used to pay with personal cheques and cash, but eventually began using debit and credit cards.

He suspects that online shopping is simply the latest consumer trend, and may be partially responsible for business slowing down in recent years.

The store is set to close tonight at 5:30.

More information on Northern Hardware is available online.