Prince George resident Erin Stagg is the 2020 Artist In Residence.

The announcement was made official today (Wednesday) by the Community Arts Council of Prince George and District.

Stagg explained to the inspiration behind her artwork.

“I have been here for the past eight years and the inspiration of my work is the Canadian landscape that we find ourselves in, I think that we are surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes with some of the most plentiful nature, and I find it easy to get most of my inspiration there.”

Stagg fell back in love with art after a previous career path didn’t work out.

“When I studied environmental conservation when I was in university it was because of my love for the landscape. When I found my job  was for the destruction of the landscape was very troubling to me, watching things you love get torn down can be quite damaging.”

“I found the commercial aspect of the job very unappealing, it was very difficult on my psyche and when I left that job to go back to the art I was letting myself heal from the past trauma I experienced.”

She also spent time in Fort Saint James.

Stagg will also receive a no-cost space at Studio 2880 along with a minimum of one 30-day Feature Gallery Exhibit.

In 2015, Erin began her journey as a professional artist.

Last year she was awarded the Top Indigenous Business by the Prince George Chamber of Commerce.

Erin’s art is found in private collections internationally including Ireland, Italy, UK, and the USA.

The Artist-in-Residence also facilitates outreach activities such as talks, workshops, and exhibitions, intended to promote interaction and professional development and provide access to a diverse range of art practices within the community. During the term of the residency, the artist also delivers art classes for children, adults, and seniors.

The artists in residence to date have included Corey Hardeman, Cliff Mann, Crystal Tarr, Carla Joseph, Michael Kast, Lynette LaFontaine, and Donna Morrison.