Canada Post workers in Prince George are making some slight changes when it comes to mail delivery.

Local CUPW President, Clark Rasmussen encouraged businesses to create a temporary mailbox outside their building.

“We’re going to be asking customers, especially our businesses if they don’t have a mailbox or a mail slot to put up one outside of their business or close to the door so that we don’t have to walk up to the counter, that would be very helpful.”

Rasmussen would also like residents to stay indoors and limit interaction with mail carriers.

“To our residential customers, as much as we would love to stop and chat we just want people to stay indoors wave if you can, we will put the mail in the box and away we go.”

Rasmussen states this is a unique situation for Canada Post and its workers.

“For us, this is definitely new and health and safety is our number one goal especially for all of our members here within our union and all of our workers throughout Canada post.”

He adds some of their buildings have more than 50 people, which means work shifts could begin at different times.