The City of Prince George has kicked off its routine hydrant maintenance.

Starting today (Monday), crews will be doing routine checks on fire hydrants as part of the City’s annual maintenance plan to ensure this important infrastructure keeps working properly.

The City expects the operation will be completed by the end of this week.

During this time, some residents may experience cloudy water coming from their taps and lowered water pressure.

Should this occur, residents can simply run their taps until the water runs clear. The water is safe to drink.

The streets with hydrants receiving servicing during the operation are as follows:

  • Irwin Street (5th Avenue to Harper Street)
  • Gillet Street (5th Avenue to 12th Avenue)
  • Freeman Street (8th Avenue to 15th Avenue)
  • Carney Street (10th Avenue to 15th Avenue)
  • Ellison Drive (Ewert Crescent to Carney Street)
  • 12th Avenue (Lethbridge Street)
  • Laurier Crescent (10th Avenue to Winnipeg Street)
  • Mcbride Crescent (10th Avenue to Winnipeg Street)

Problems and concerns relating to this issue can be reported to the City of Prince George by dialing 3-1-1.