The “DRAFT” season arrives next week.

The 2020 WHL Bantam Draft has been moved up this year and will be conducted online on Wednesday.

(The PG Cougars have three first-round bantam picks, including the second overall. With their first pick, they are
likely to take either Brayden Yager or Riley Heidt who are high-scoring forwards with the Saskatoon Contacts)

The NFL Draft begins Thursday night (April 23rd) with round one and that will be followed by rounds two and three on Friday the 24th and rounds four to seven on Saturday the 25th.

The NHL and NBA Drafts are scheduled for late June and the MLB Draft is set for July.

When a player has the honour of having his name called, the general manager of the team that selected him likes to refer to his “Draft” dictionary.

Often the G.M. or his team representative uses clichés like “best player available”, “steal of the draft” “is honest and hardworking” or “his compete level is next to none” to describe the pick.

After all, in the public relations game that we all like to play, it’s about “putting the best foot forward” when discussing a prospect “who has character”, is “the complete package” with “plenty of talent” that, of course, “is a winner.”

Here are some of the other favourite terms when it comes to the “Draft” dictionary that is a staple in many sports.

( ) is a possible interpretation of the message:

“He is an impact player.” (We cross our fingers that continues at the next level)

“We had him rated higher.” (Is this damage control to boost the kid’s bruised ego?)

“We are very excited to get him.” (And puzzled why nobody else wanted him)

“The kid has grit.” (And with lots of luck could be a “diamond in the rough.”)

“He’s a scorer” (Oh, oh! Does he know the meaning of defence?)

“He’s strong defensively” (Sounds like he lacks offensive skill)

“He’s dedicated” (As long as he gets prominent playing time)

“He’s a mature young man” (Let’s hope a bigger stage doesn’t change that)

“He comes from a great family.” (A round of applause please for Mom and Dad)

“He was well worth the risk.” (Are there injury or law issues to be concerned about?)

“He has size” (That also comes in handy if he ever wants a job as a bouncer)

“He has good hands” (This is a sure sign he will deliver a strong handshake, although in the COVID-19 era handshakes are obviously not acceptable)

“He has great vision” (Great! He can read a chart)

“He comes to play.” (Really? I thought he came to munch on a burger and fries)

“He’s a hidden gem” (Nice term for longshot)

“He has plenty of “upside” (Will he reach his potential?)

“He likes to “win” (There aren’t many players that prefer to lose)

“He is a leader” (So is Donald Trump. What does that mean?)

..and everybody’s all-time favourite

“We couldn’t believe he was still there”. (Only because other teams don’t believe he is that good)

I am sure you have your own notable list of “draft rhetoric”.

If by some chance you know of a prospect to recommend for a team make sure “He knows what it takes” and that “he’s a competitor”.




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