The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George Board of Directors’ latest meeting featured a few key moments, including the examination of 2019 Audited Financial Statement.

As of December 31st of last year, the Regional District possesses:

  • $136,867,457 of total financial assets
  • $99,181,785 of liabilities

Additionally for 2019:

  • Total revenue was $48,577,975
  • Total expenses were $39,535,994

This means the Regional District experienced a net gain of $9 million dollars last year.

The Board also approved the dispersal of more money to support volunteer fire departments throughout the regional district.

Additionally, The Board of Directors approved several Community and Recreation Grants including:

  • $20,000 to Buckhorn Volunteer Firefighters Association for the installation and repair of equipment
  • $9,000 to Pineview Recreation Commission for hall maintenance and upgrades
  • $7500 to the Nadsilnich Lake Community Association for utilities, programs, equipment, maintenance and insurance.

More information on the Regional District can be found on their website.