Just over 2,650 frontline workers have been paired with licenced child care spaces less than a month after the Province launched its new child care matching system for essential workers.

Children of parents working in public health and health services, social services, law enforcement, first response, and emergency response are prioritized, with additional spaces going to families working in other essential roles.

The program is open for children up to five years of age, with older children being cared for in tandem with the Ministry of Education.

The Provincial Government has invested $38 million dollars to ensure that essential workers continue to have access to safe, reliable childcare.

As of April 16, 2020, 2,530 child care centres offering up to 58,650 spaces around British Columbia are receiving funding through the Temporary Emergency Funding Program to remain open.

Child care providers receiving these extra payments are prohibited from charing parents fees for any periods of closure or for any vacant spaces while they are open, including when a parent chooses to keep a child at home due to the virus.

More information, including forms to apply for child care, can be found on the Provincial Government’s website.