School District 57 (SD57) has provided some details on what the part-time return to classes on June 1st will look like.

The number of students in school at one time will be limited, lunch breaks and pick-up/drop-off times will be staggered, and cleanliness will be a major focus.

Some students will attend in-person classes a day or two a week, while also engaging in remote or online learning while not in school.

Children of Essential Service Workers, students with disabilities, and students who require additional support will have the option to attend in-person for parts of every day.

Other students will continue to engage in remote or online learning full-time.

For students in grades 10-12, the key components of courses required for graduation will be maintained.

The Ministry of Education has stated that every student eligible to graduate this year will graduate, provided they have successfully completed all courses in progress.

However, students will still be expected to continue learning and complete assignments set out by teachers in order to graduate.

The return to classes will be optional, with students and caretakers being encouraged to make an informed decision about the return to classes.