A Prince George woman has won this year’s Spruce Kings Show Home grand prize.

(Photo submitted by Raylene Lupul)

Raylene Lupul has won a brand new fully furnished home, located at 2783 Links Dr. and worth $730,000.

“I am actually feeling still quite overwhelmed. It’s unbelievable,” said Lupul, who was at work when she got the call.

“I was crying, of course, it was surprising and exciting at the same time.”

The first few moments after she got the news were ‘a bit of a blur’ Lupul explained.

“I was at work, I was in my office and one of the girls came in and thought something was wrong because she saw me crying!”

“I said ‘it’s ok! it’s ok!’ and I got off the phone and yelled ‘I won the Spruce Kings home!’ and then I tried to get ahold of my husband but he was on the road so he wasn’t answering his phone,” laughed Lupul, adding her husband didn’t find out for over an hour.

“We’ve never won anything, we win a dollar here or a free play, but we never win anything like this,” said Lupul.

“What did we do to celebrate? Well, I called my girlfriends and we all had a good cry, and a lot of yelling, then we went home and had pizza and wine!”

It will be a few weeks yet before Lupul can officially get the keys to her new house, but Lupul has taken her family on some tours while they wait.