Prince George won’t be escaping the rain anytime soon according to Environment Canada.

June is shaping up to be a wetter than normal month however, Meteorologist Doug Lundquist told the tide should turn after the weekend.

“It usually does take a pretty big switch right around the 7th of July so about the 10th we should begin to see the hotter, dryer part of summer and there is some indication in the longer-term forecast that might be happening.”

“By the time we crunch the numbers, we’re going to be well above average, because just recently we got 24 millimetres on the 22nd of June so I think we are going to be way over average, I’m sure we are way over 100% already.”

After ten millimetres fell in the northern capital on Monday, another system could back its way into our region for the next few days.

“We have a system that’s going to come up through the east affecting Alberta and the Peace country and it may backdoor into the central interior so I am a little bit worried about the possibility of some heavy rain on Canada Day, through Thursday and into Friday.”

Lundquist adds they will be in touch with the BC River Forecast Centre this week outlining any increased flooding risks in places like the Fraser River.