The City of Prince George is reporting Mountain Bluet, sometimes called Perennial Bachelor’s Button, may be spreading through the region.

Mountain Bluet is not native to the Central BC area and has no natural predators or diseases – because of this, it has been spreading rapidly through the Prince George’s ditches and green spaces.

The city warns that although Mountain Bluet can be pretty, it should not be planted in gardens or green spaces.

Invasive species should also not be composted as they can spread into lawns and gardens.

The public is encouraged to remove the plant by the roots and dispose of it by putting it in a trash bag.

Additional plants may regrow in the same spot, as Mountain Bluet has a long-lived seed bank and may grow back even after being pulled.

The City of Prince George reminds the public that herbicide should be used sparingly.

More information about invasive species in Prince George can be found online.