Prince George’s Kendall Kershaw has punched her ticket to the quarterfinals of the Maxim Magazine Covergirl challenge.

She ranked in the top spot during the group stage and is looking to advance one more time.

Prince George’s Kendall Kershaw is looking to become Maxim Magazine’s next Cover girl
(Photo supplied by Kendall Kershaw)

Kershaw told having a chance at the 25-thousand dollar grand prize wouldn’t be possible without the community support.

“Honestly, I am just so blown away by Prince George’s support. I feel kind of fulfilled even getting to the quarter-finals if I am honest but if I can just keep up the momentum but this sounds so silly to say but it’s through the community that we have been able to do this.”

The local product participated in this challenge last year and is already miles ahead from where she was in 2019.

“It’s just absolutely amazing to be able to make it past the group rounds, that is pretty cool as I did compete in this competition last year and came in fourth in the group so definitely seeing some progression there, which is always good. I always want to be better than I was yesterday.”

As a token of her appreciation towards her hometown, Kershaw is giving back.

“I am going to be upping my game a little bit. I am going to be providing free boot camps for everybody just as a thank you for all of the support, I really want to give back so that will kind of help me give back and get my name out there. I am going to be hitting it hard with new photoshoots and new content, engaging with the people who are engaging back.”

Kershaw is currently third in the voting.

The voting for semi-finalists ends on July 16th.

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