British Columbians now have more virtual options to set up their mobile BC Services Card.

These options make it easier to access online government services during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the future.

“We’re using innovation, technology and mobile options to improve the way we deliver services and programs to British Columbians,” said Anne Kang, Minister of Citizens’ Services.

“Our new Send Video feature within the mobile BC Services Card gives people the choices and tools they need to connect with government supports and services quickly, safely and securely.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people need online and telephone access to government services.

This is resulting in high call volumes to Service BC and an increased demand for alternative ways to verify a person’s identity in order to activate a mobile BC Services Card.

To address this demand, the Province has launched Send Video, a remote identity-verification option for British Columbians.

People can use Send Video within the BC Services Card app from their iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet to send Service BC a photo and a short video of themselves.

A Service BC representative reviews and verifies the person’s identity and activates their mobile BC Services Card for online use.

This service eliminates the need to visit a Service BC Centre for in-person identity verification.

The BC Services Card Verify by Video service, which launched in June 2019, allows people to use the service to launch a live video call with a Service BC representative within the BC Services Card mobile app.

During the call, the representative verifies their identity and then activates their mobile BC Services Card.

British Columbia is the first jurisdiction in North America to use an identity-verification solution using video.

Verify by Video service