Six faculty members at UNBC received Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Grants reaching close to a million dollars to continue research on the impacts of glyphosate-based herbicides to vibrations in mass timber floor systems.

“It is gratifying to see the success of some of our early-career faculty members as they undertake leading-edge research in their respective fields,” said UNBC interim President Dr. Geoff Payne.

“Funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council provides essential support to our researchers at all stages of their careers as they make discoveries and add to the global body of knowledge.”

Ecosystem Science and Management Assistant Professor Dr. Lisa Wood received two grants related to her research into the use of glyphosate-based herbicides.

In addition, Dr. Heather Bryan was awarded 152-grand for research into how environmental stressors in a changing landscape affect the interactions between parasites and their hosts.

Northern Medical Program Assistant Professor Dr. Kendra Furber was awarded $162,500 for her project.

Dr. Jianhui Zhou, an Assistant Professor in the Master of Engineering in Integrated Wood Design program, received a Discovery Grant valued at $127,500 to study effective floor vibration design methods and efficient acoustic treatment solutions.

Ecosystem Science and Management Professor Dr. Dezene Huber was awarded a $165,000 grant to study how disturbances, like the mountain pine beetle or wildfires, are having on the biodiversity of the insects and spiders that call the forest home.

Dr. Russell Dawson cashed in with a 200-thousand dollar award to study how avian parents allocate resources to maximize lifetime reproductive output, and how environmental constraints influence these strategies.

“These grants are fantastic examples of how our researchers are making discoveries that relate directly to our experiences in northern British Columbia while at the same time having a global impact in their fields of study,” said UNBC acting Vice-President Research Dr. Kathy Lewis.

“The projects will also support the recruitment and retention of outstanding graduate students and post-doctoral researchers at UNBC.”