Prince George’s unemployment rate was 10.7% in June according to Stats Canada.

That’s a steep increase from the same month last year where it was 4.2%.

Labour Division Analyst, Vince Ferrao spoke with

“41,900 people were working in June and this compares with 51,800 working during June of 2019, this gives us a decline of about 10-thousand.”

“We have fewer people working in accommodations and food services such as restaurants and motels.”

In May, the jobless mark in the north was 11.8%.

BC’s unemployment rate is 13.0%, an improvement from 13.4% the previous month.

However, Ferrao noted the province has lost quite a number of jobs the past calendar year.

“Over the past 12 months, employment is also down, it’s down about 267-thousand jobs.”

Canada’s jobless mark came in at 12.3% last month compared to 13.7% in May as nearly a million jobs were added.

Here is a provincial breakdown:

  • New Brunswick 9.9%
  • Manitoba 10.1%
  • Quebec 10.7%
  • Saskatchewan 11.6%
  • Ontario 12.2%
  • BC 13.0%
  • Nova Scotia 13.0%
  • Prince Edward Island 15.2%
  • Alberta 15.5%
  • Newfoundland and Labrador 16.5%