PG’s Spruce City Wildlife Association has announced its hatchery and salmon program on River Road is receiving a substantial amount of funding.

The BC Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund has provided $240,000 in funding towards the Upper Fraser Chinook Strategic Enhancement Project.

“We are incredibly thankful to receive this funding. Being able to have an immediate and measurable impact on salmon in our area, and throughout the Province is what we have been working towards for years” said Steve Hamilton, Spruce City Wildlife Association President.

The BC Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund is a contribution program funded jointly by the federal and provincial governments.

It will provide an investment of over $142 million over 5 years to support BC’s fish and seafood sector, and to ensure the sustainability of wild pacific salmon and other BC fish stocks.

The fund supports both protection and restoration for priority wild fish stocks including salmon.

70% of the funding will come from the federal government, while the remaining 30% will be provided by the Province of BC.