Prince George’s only ride-hailing service is set to launch today (Monday).

Coastal Rides received approval to operate from the Passenger Transportation Board in February.

Spokesperson, Ryan Staley told they have a handful of drivers ready to hit the road.

“There should be about five (drivers) and probably another five to ten in the pipeline working on documentation so they can be ready to go.”

He added everything is in place to operate.

“Now we have enough drivers on board to make it work, drivers had to get all of their documents and they had to get business documents from the City of Prince George. They are all dialed in now.”

When people do request a ride, Staley outlined how they can identify one of their vehicles.

“They’ll want to make sure that they are getting into the vehicle that matches that license plate description, they will also see the vehicles have a little sticker in the front right corner of the window with the Coastal Rides logo. But, first and foremost, check the license plate number and confirming it, it can also confirm the drivers name, and then the driver should be confirming their name so the right person is getting into their car.”

Customers can download the Coastal Rides app on their phone so they can book, and pay for a ride.