A social program by the name of “Car 60” was pushed along last night by the city council to be further expanded.

Car 60 is a social program that was generated by a partnership between the Northern Health Authority and the Prince George RCMP detachment, it provides a mobile response unit to respond to calls involving emotional and mental health issues.

Last night during a lengthy council meeting, Kyle Samson pushed forward the motion to continue expansion on Car 60, and a unanimous vote leads to the decision to push the movement along.

It entails a clinical nurse specializing in mental health and an RCMP officer working together to provide on-site assistance for situations where emotional and mental health assessments are needed.

The officer and nurse are also instructed on crisis intervention and given resources to provide referrals to, when necessary.

It was created after police calls regarding mental health and emotional crisis went up 120% in the last year.

Councillor, Murry Krause added, “Every community any size should have a service of this kind.”

Councillor, Susan Scott also added, “This program has saved lives.”