Prince George businesses are doing the best they can when dealing with the on-going pandemic.

A Covid-19 Pulse Check survey was conducted by the BC Northern Chambers and the BC Chamber of Commerce this month.

It stated 58 percent of businesses in Northern BC are using some form of government support to keep the doors open.

PG Chamber of Commerce CEO Todd Corrigall | Courtesy PG Chamber

Other findings include four in ten businesses on government support expect to return to normal once the program ends while 27% anticipate a reduction to employee hours.

PG Chamber of Commerce CEO, Todd Corrigall told local businesses continue to face an uphill climb with the increased requirements they’re expected to meet.

“Undoubtedly, we have heard from businesses that the cost of doing business now certainly increased for the need for PPE (personal protective equipment) and other safety requirements so those increased costs come at a challenge for businesses when they have a reduced clientele.”

“Really, what this boils down to is how do we move forward in an economic recovery process and how does government best make services and opportunities available to businesses to ensure that transition is as smooth as possible.”

Corrigall also pointed to additional programs like Support PG where it’s designed to encourage consumers to think local while shopping during COVID-19.

“It’s challenging to understand what recovery looks like when the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy is set to expire at the end of this year and how the pandemic moves will certainly dictate that process.”