Crews have started rehabilitating about 8.5 lane kilometres of road in five separate street paving projects in Prince George.

This week’s construction is also set to start paving about a kilometre of sidewalk along Patricia Boulevard, which will be the longest sidewalk rehabilitation project of the year.

Earlier this week, paving was completed on Alward Street between 10th Ave and 15th Ave and on Freeman St from 8th Ave to 15th Ave.

Depending on weather conditions, road rehabilitation is expected to be completed on Gillett Street from 5th Avenue to 12th Avenue and Irwin Street from 5th Avenue to Harper Street by the end of next week.

Nearly two-lane kilometres of Ospika Boulevard are being re-paved this week between 15th and 22nd Avenues the asphalt milling was completed this week, and the paving is scheduled to start next week.

Paving on this project will start at 4:00 am on each day of operation to minimize traffic disruptions.