The Prince George Hospice Society is now 6 weeks into their Dream Home Lottery.

Donna Flood, Executive Director of the Prince George Hospice Society says, “because of the pandemic, the Hospice society is really relying on the Dream Home Lottery this year.”

Despite the pandemic, the Hospice Society continues to connect families to loved ones in their care, Flood adds, “We’ve just put up a tent in our yard, and that’s used to support family visiting in a COVID safe environment.”

The tent will also be used as a safe place to hold celebrations of life, it is already being booked up.

Flood urges people to show their support by purchasing a ticket and includes there has been an extra 50/50 added this year to increase the chances of winning $150,000.

5,956 tickets have been sold as of yesterday (Friday), which is 54% and 6,746 of the 50/50 tickets have been sold so far, which is over 56%.

Tickets for the Dream Home Lottery can be purchased here.