Tourism and Hospitality in Prince George is one of the sectors that was hit hardest by the pandemic, but the new Employment Insurance measures introduced by the federal government is expected to have an incredibly positive impact on workers.

The new EI program reduces the number of work-hours required to access EI.

The changes mean the federal government has dramatically expanded the number of hospitality and gaming workers who can qualify for EI after CERB has ended.

“We haven’t heard anything specifically on how our tourism and hospitality industry feels about the just program yet,” says Todd Corrigall, CEO of the Prince George Chamber of Commerce.

Each sector faces its own set of obstacles and issues in dealing with the pandemic.

“Restaurants, casinos and gaming outlets where you’ve got large groups of people who would have to be unmasked if you’re eating, that produces its own set of issues,” adds Corrigall

EI is just one of the ways of helping BC’s tourism industry bounce back from the pandemic, Corrigall adds,” the tourism industry as a whole is doing a tremendous job at engaging with its consumers.”

He adds, “what’s most important is that we continue to shop local, all of our restaurants here are locally run, even the franchises are independently owned.”