An art exhibit titled, “Place” showcases the work of Prince George Francophone artist Marc Patrick LaCaille and is now being displayed at Two Rivers Gallery.

“Place” is a touring exhibition showcasing art from Francophone artists in whatever community they travel to.

“The objective of the nomadic gallery is to contribute to the development of professional Francophone Infrastructure of sharing visual arts in BC,” says  Meghan Hunter Gauthier, Assistant Curator of Two Rivers.

It is lead by the Francophone Cultural and Artistic Council of British Columbia in partnership with the Visual Arts Collective of Canada.

“The exhibition is also really about building a Francophone community in BC,” she adds, “as well as building opportunities for these visual artists.”

The Francophone Association in Prince George connected with Two Rivers, and through that connection, they found LaCaille.

“Place” will be on display until August 30.