The Prince George Airport Authority (PGAA) has added another long-term parking option located near the International terminal.

According to President and CEO of PGAA, Gordon Duke, the program is now underway and depending on how well it performs, there could be a valet service added in the future.

“Over the last few years we have received numerous requests for a premium parking product,” said Duke, “we are pleased to unveil the program and open up parking spots directly beside the airport”

A number of spots closest to the terminal are outfitted with electrical plug-ins.

“We know our winters can get extremely cold, so parking options that allow vehicles to be plugged in enhances our customer’s experience,” said Manager of Marketing and Communications Lindsay Cotter.

Customers of this program will buy a spot, so space can be shared by multiple vehicles, however, only one vehicle will stay in the spot at all times.

“We have a number of frequent travellers who have annual permits, whether they live in PG and work elsewhere or it’s a business whose employees rotate, this is another option for them to
consider,” added Duke.