66% of British Columbians are walking more than they did before the pandemic, according to a poll by Research Co.

Mario Canseco, President of Research Co explains that walking has always been a prominent fitness strategy for BC residents, but Covid has pushed people onto the trails.

“Now that we have a situation where we cannot do all the other sports that we like, this is the reason for the jump that we see.”

A Research Co. survey completed in May found 47% of BC residents would not go back to the gym without a vaccine, including 54% of women.

“We saw at the beginning of the year that there was a fear from British Columbians, especially women, of going back to the gym before there is a COVID-19 vaccine available,” added Canseco, “so what we see now is a lot of British Columbians struggling to maintain their fitness strategy before COVID-19.”

According to Canseco, the absence of other activities isn’t the only thing getting people tieing up their laces.

“I think there is definitely a mental health aspect in connection with walking to cope with the pandemic,” said Canseco.

Canseco predicts the combination of fear and colder weather will continue to push residents to maintain physical and mental health with different fitness strategies in the upcoming months.

“Ultimately, I think we will see more people exercising inside their homes, like following yoga online or other activities to keep you inside your home and not going into the weather. “