Lheidli T’enneh Council and staff broke ground on a new Health Center project today (Tuesday).

The new building will contain medical exam and treatment spaces, a
dental treatment room, community health and wellness lounge, staff offices, and a lobby and
gallery area.

It will be constructed in the Northside Neighbourhood on the Lheidli main reserve (IR#2).

“The ongoing situation with Covid-19 prevented us from having a traditional Groundbreaking Ceremony with members, guests, and the media in attendance.

However, we wanted to do something to mark this historic occasion as this is the first Health
Center the nation has ever constructed from the ground up.” said Dayi Clay Pountney.

“Our members will receive the best of medical, dental, health and wellness care in the new centre which will have state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.”

Executive Director Joe Gosnell added the host first nation is poised for growth.

“This project is another example of Council’s determination to see the nation move forward. The nation is reasserting itself in the downtown area of Prince George with the development of the House of Ancestors and the Brunswick Street Office.

The new Health Center along with new homes for members continues the development
trend in the Northside and Southside Neighbourhoods.”

The 4-million dollar facility is expected to be completed next year.