Update as of 11:05 AM

Environment Canada ended the Winter Storm Warning for Prince George.



Prince George residents are clearing the snow from their vehicles as they head to work this morning (Monday).

The city is still under a winter storm warning issued by Environment Canada.

Meteorologist, Shayne Keetley gave MyPGNow.com a snapshot of how much snow has fallen already.

“We recorded about nine centimeters of snow officially overnight last night (Sunday). Going forward here, it’s going to continue to snow fairly heavily as you might be seeing out your window and it will transition in the next few hours and taper off.”

The warning is still in place for Highway 97 and the Pine Pass.

“Travel conditions will be your normal winter driving conditions that we often see this time of year with the snow and some rain mixed on top, we will have the slush conditions with overnight temperatures hopefully staying above zero,” added Keetley.

A high of five degrees is being predicted with plus temperatures being forecasted for most of the week.

In total, 15 to 20 centimeters may accumulate once the storm subsides.


Original Story 5:04 AM

Prince George residents are waking up to their first taste of winter this morning (Monday).

The city is still in the midst of a Winter Storm Warning from Environment Canada.

Anywhere between 10 to 15 centimetres fell during the overnight hours with another two to four expected later on.

Hazardous road conditions are anticipated for Highway 97 and the Pine Pass.

The temperature could reach plus five today with the daily high expected to be on the warm side for most of the week.

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