The mental health and wellness among Prince George teachers continues to be impacted as a second PG school was added to the BCCDC Potential Exposure List yesterday (Thursday).

While a number of resources for teachers are offered,  Joanne Hapke, President of the Prince George District Teachers Association says the impact is still noticeable.

“We are working with a level of anxiety” noted Hapke, “and we’re trying to suppress it so we can be as professional as we can with the children and make sure they’re okay but it means that we are not 100% okay.”

The guidelines implemented in school settings is just one of the things putting stress on SD57 professionals.

“There are so many rules that have made our work different” explained Hapke,” it helps being given direction from our direct supervisors that it is okay to slow down a bit on our curriculum just to allow us to be able to focus on what the kids need and what we need.”

SD57 Teachers are able to access different counselling services within PG through the employee family assistance program.

“There are also a couple of programs that we are part of like Starling Minds, and the BCTF Health and Wellness program,” explained Hapke.