An employee of a contractor at Canfor’s Northwood Pulp Mill in Prince George has tested positive for COVID-19.

Senior Director of Communications and Government Relations, Michelle Ward issued this statement to

Canfor’s top priority is ensuring the health and safety of employees. Since the pandemic began, we have implemented COVID-19 protocols to help protect our employees. Any contractors working on-site are required to have COVID-19 protocols in place that meet our high standards.

An employee of a contractor who was working on-site at Northwood Pulp Mill has tested positive for COVID-19. That person is now recovering at home. Contact tracing was immediately conducted, which included Canfor Pulp and contractor employees, and as a result, eight contractor employees are now in quarantine for 14 days. Cleaning protocols were also put in place quickly.

Northern Health Spokesperson, Eryn Collins noted this type of notification from a business when someone contracts the virus isn’t uncommon.

“I would point out we have seen other examples of businesses or employers issuing similar information or statements regarding cases among their workforce. Northern Health would release more information and we have done so when there has been a public health concern such as exposure or outbreak.”

“When there is a confirmed case anywhere in the north, public health is notified and they would do the required contact tracing and anyone who is a close contact of a confirmed case those individuals are then notified that they have been potentially exposed.”