UNBC will be launching The Centre for Technology Adoption for Aging in the North (CTAAN) this week.

Research at CTAAN will explore which technology for aging adults is best suited for those living in BC’s Northern and rural communities.

“We’re all about ensuring that technology is being adopted in our region and communities, and our programs streamline that process for testing, piloting, implementing and promoting these amazing technologies that are out there to support aging,” said CTAAN Director, Dr. Richard McAloney.

The centre will also be used to connect older adults and caregivers with different technology designed to improve the quality of life and help aging adults live independently.

McAloney worked alongside CTAAN Academic Director, Dr. Shannon Freeman to develop the centre.

“We were sort of looking around thinking; are these technologies implemented, used and available to Northern and rural communities?” explained McAloney, “we wanted to make sure that they were.”

Researchers at CTAAN will be testing and validating a glove designed to dampen tremors in patients with Parkinson’s disease as one of the first studies to come from the centre.

“By using the glove, users could stay at home longer, possibly out of a facility for as long as possible because we all want to age at home and in place for as long as we can,” McAloney stated.

He added, “through this study hopefully we can validate that and find the appropriate way to sustainably get it and many other projects like it into our community.”

The launch of CTAAN will be broadcasted online on Wednesday (25th) at 11:30 am, registration is available online.