Troy Lindstrom Portrait (Photo by Two Rivers Gallery)

Local artist, Troy Lindstrom will have his work showcased at Two Rivers Gallery beginning on Thursday, as part of the International Day of People with Disability (IDPWD).

The display is called ‘Positive Practice: Acts of Kindness & Creating with Disability’, and will include portraits of people who have supported and inspired him as a disabled visual artist.

“As a person who has lived with a disability most of my adult life, my art has been a refuge from physical pain and depression. Both have been constants in my life and they are hard to separate. Art has brought me joy when my disability is, at times, all-consuming,” said Lindstrom.

Two Rivers describes the work as a celebration of digital drawing that offers insight into the artists’ process through three time-lapse videos of digital portraits being developed.

Positive Practice also includes audio descriptions of the work for those with visual impairments.

“Digital art is not created by technology – it is created by an artist using technology,” explained Linstrom.

He explained that Positive Practice celebrates the people who have impacted his life for the better by offering inspiration, encouragement and support.

Troy Lindstrom Portrait (Photo from Two Rivers Gallery)

The exhibit will be on display until January 17th.