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HARTLEY’S HART ATTACK – (WHL season further delayed?) Dec 4, 2020 EDITION 813

Rumours, Rumours, Rumours!

Where would we be without them?

The WHL announced nearly two months ago that they had a firm date of Jan. 8th to begin the new season.

We are just five weeks away from that date and with the COVID-19 cases surging at what seems like an uncontrollable rate, the speculation has started that perhaps the league will again have to further delay its starting date.

The QMJHL, which began its regular-season games on Oct. 2., announced on Monday that it is shutting down until at least Jan. 3.

The OHL has given itself more time and is now aiming for a Feb. 4 start.

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With BC’s provincial health officer Dr Bonnie Henry insisting now is not the time for sports teams, of any calibre, to travel to play games, the WHL is left (along with many other leagues) to wonder when these restrictions will come off.

The answer is unclear because the virus continues to have a field day infecting all walks of life, all hours of the day in all parts of the province, country, and most of the world.

The Prince George Cougars are not saying much as they continue to be in the dark.

The Cougars VP of Business Andy Beesley has issued the following statement to Hart Attack and

The PG Cougars and WHL are continuing to work extremely hard behind the scenes to develop a return to play plan, with everyone’s best intentions to find a way to have a season; but….
the priority is the safety of our players, staff, and fans.

While we are all anxious to get our season going, as a league and as the PG Cougars, we are more concerned about health and safety right now and will not push the envelope if it means putting anyone at unnecessary risk.

The league is in daily discussions with the Public Health Offices in all of our jurisdictions including BC and has very positive feedback about these meetings.

While we are hoping for more solid news to be announced soon, as of now the situation remains fluid, with a wide variety and a large number of possible scenarios being examined.

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It is clear to everyone that the COVID virus and our Public Health Professionals will ultimately dictate what we can and can’t do.

We believe the league will provide an update to our planning sometime within the next two weeks.

The line that stands out in Beesley’s statement, which cannot be argued, is the one that states the COVID virus and our Public Health Professionals will ultimately dictate what we can and can’t do.

Ordinarily, at this time of the year, the Cougars and WHL teams would be getting ready for their annual Teddy Bear Toss game.

The only thing the league can toss around now is a potential starting date.

Unfortunately, that decision remains on hold for an indefinite period.


The BCHL was hoping to start its season on Tuesday of next week but it appears the league will continue to play the waiting game.


Gregg Drinnan has gone daily for the last few weeks with his column mostly updating COVID-19 and hockey stories. Here is the latest.

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The Denver Broncos played without one of their four quarterbacks in the 31-3 loss to the New Orleans Saints. Some Chicago Bears fans think their team has played without a QB all year.

*Comedy writer Janice Hough of Palo Alto, California

Fans of the Cleveland Browns getting giddy over their team’s being 8-3, of which seven wins came against foes with losing records, should recall the case of Heavyweight contender Duane Bobick. Duane built up a record of 38-0 against a succession of stiffs and tomato cans before being demolished in 57 seconds by Ken Norton, Sr.

*Contributor Bill Littlejohn of South Lake Tahoe, California

Eastern Market Brewing Co. has stopped sales and production of “Same Old Lager” after Detroit Lions legend Barry Sanders — pictured on the can in team colours without his consent — threatened to sue. Apparently, it was a little too Lions: It went flat the minute you opened the can.

*Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times


Two-time world curling champ, Don Duguid of Manitoba, has been appointed to the Order of Canada. The presentation is postponed due to the COVID pandemic, so Duguid will “tuck it” away til then.

*Canadian comedy writer RJ Currie

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