In a nutshell: As of 12:05 a.m Monday by Hartley Miller

NFL: (Start of the Playoffs)


Cleveland  48  Pittsburgh  37
New Orleans  21  Chicago  9
Baltimore  20  Tennessee  13


LA Rams  30  Seattle  20
Tampa Bay  31  Washington  23
Buffalo  27  Indianapolis  24

The NFL Conference semi-finals have LA Rams at Green Bay (Saturday 1:35 PM PT) and Tampa Bay at New Orleans (Sunday 3:40 PM) in the NFC plus Baltimore at Buffalo (Saturday 5:15 PM) and Cleveland at Kansas City (Sunday 12:05 PM) in the AFC. Home teams are favoured in each game: the Packers by 7, Bills and Saints by 3 and Chiefs by 10.

NCAA Football:

#1 Alabama and #3 Ohio State will play in the US College Football national championship game tonight (Monday).


Golden State Warriors  106  Toronto Raptors  105

–The (2-7) Raptors visit the (5-4) Portland Trail Blazers tonight at 7:00 to conclude a 4-game road trip.


–The NHL regular-season will begin on Wednesday with five games including Vancouver at Edmonton and Montreal at Toronto. The Canucks also play the Oilers on Thursday to complete the doubleheader.


Following a Board of Governors meeting on Friday, the WHL announced that the league is committed to play a 2020-21 Regular Season.

It will consist of 24 games for each team.

The start date for the season will be determined once final approval has been received from the Health Authorities in each provincial and state jurisdiction.

All models and schedule formats are being considered by the WHL.