A class set of hockey equipment from the NHL Players Association has been graciously donated to the PGSS Polars.

Teacher, Renzo Berra told MyPGNow.com the NHLPA has been a critical resource for the program since it was launched in 2002.

“They were a big reason why we were actually were able to start. They supplied at that time, 25 sets of gear and as we’ve had more and more needs and requests for the course and it has grown, we now have over 55 sets of equipment.”

“They understand that many youth are not able to afford the game of hockey and they do everything they can to make it happen.”

Berra added the contribution will go a long in getting more kids in love with the game who would otherwise not be able to afford it.

“Most sports, even at the recreational level, are fairly costly. There is a registration fee typically and then you have to buy the equipment, which is at least for average equipment a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars. It’s a big ticket item.”

“Hockey is very popular and so many kids have never ever had the opportunity to play it. In 2002, I kind of just fell upon that, I was working with some kids trying to keep them interested in school and motivated, I noticed they liked floor hockey and then I noticed they loved ice hockey but had never had the opportunity to play. To get them inside and playing on a real rink is can be life-changing for some of these kids.”