Central Mountain Air (CMA) announced they will be suspending two Prince George routes for a few months.

The route between PG and Kamloops will be suspended from February 3rd until April 5th at the earliest and flights from Fort Nelson to PG  will be suspended from February 3rd to May 3rd at the earliest

“Devastating declines in travel and extended provincial health advisories against non-essential travel have necessitated a significant scaling back of our scheduled operations for the foreseeable future,” commented Bob Cummin gs, Central Mountain Air’s CEO.

No other airline operates these affected routes.

This suspension follows their decision earlier this month to suspend service from PG to Fort St. John.

“The federal government has been promising for almost a year that help is on the way to support these essential air services, but no such support has been received or clearly outlined,” explained Cummings.

Throughout the spring of 2020, CMA was able to operate service on these routes with one short suspension.