Lenka Novakova, Conversations with Landscapes 45 Days in Oqaatsut (Photo provided by Two Rivers Gallery)

Two Rivers Gallery will be showcasing two new exhibitions until April 4th.

The exhibitions called, ‘The Tip of the Iceberg’ and ‘Conversations with Landscape: 45 Days in Oqaatsut’ focus on climate change.

The Tip of the Iceberg includes a variety of art forms by 11 BC artists whose work addresses climate change from different points of view.

“Climate change is clearly one of the most pressing issues of our time,” explained George Harris, curator at Two Rivers, “both exhibits address it in their own way.”

Artwork in the exhibition includes sculpture, prints, installation, and sound art, including a series of lifejackets that are embellished with embroidery and paint.

Artist, Bettina Matzkuhn created the lifejackets with the hope of reflecting the rise of climate refugees.

“Many refugees come from parts of the world harshly affected by global warming – conditions that will only worsen as it accelerates,” said Matzkuhn.

Another part of the installation depicts images taken at Mount Everest Base Camp overlaid with colour variations, it is placed alongside three digital prints of hand-cut collages.

Desirée Patterson, Anomaly iii (Photo provided by Two Rivers Gallery)

‘Conversations with Landscape: 45 Days in Oqaatsut’, was created by Montreal-based artist Lenka Novakova.

“This exhibition is a brand new one that has never been seen before, it’s really exciting and quite a privilege to be the premier spot,” Harris noted.

Novakova’s installation reflects her time spent in a small community of Oqaatsut, which is home to about 30 people, on the coast of Greenland.

She used fishing and hunting materials such as fishing nets, sleds and sealskins to reflect upon the human impact on the environment.

Monique Motut-Firth, Tipping Point Vase, flower, tire, bird (Photo provided by Two Rivers Gallery)