The Exploration Place and Science Centre has launched a new public interface to make collections more accessible to its users.

Exploration Place made the switch because the old technology used with the database was quite old and couldn’t have video or audio uploaded.

“This is a total start from scratch, it’s not just an update from what was there this is a whole new platform with entirely new architecture and it brings in even more partner selection,” explained Tracy Calogheros, CEO of Exploration Place.

Users can now use the database in a mobile format and the new interface makes finding specific data on where an object is located within the centre’s collection or on the gallery floors much easier.

“This new database will completely up our game with new tech, new interfaces and new partners’ collections available as well,” said Calogheros.

The federal government provided the project with a $50,000 grant in 2020, allowing the museum to go forward with this modernization, despite the costs associated with data handling.

Calogheros says the database users range from elementary students working on Heritage Fair projects to researchers working on their doctorate degrees.

“We’ve also had a million requests from media over the years, we have had information used for books and it’s also just a general research resource so people can sit at the database with their mum and dad and collect stories and family histories, it really is like the community’s photo album,” she added.

As part of the Family Day celebration, on Monday at 8 am, Exploration Place will be showcasing their new database for the first time with a temporary virtual exhibit on some of the people, places, objects, and events that have shaped PG.