It’s been a chilly start to April in Prince George according to Environment Canada.

Meteorologist, Lisa Erven told the northern capital has been mired in the low to high single digits.

“We’ve seen temperatures, daytime highs in and around six, seven or eight degrees – one day we got up to nine whereas for this time of year we would expect to see daytime highs of ten degrees so this first week of April has started off cooler than normal.”

She adds the city should see a warm-up towards the middle and later stages of the month.

“Overall, looking at the entire month, it’s very likely we’ll come in with a cooler than average month,” added Erven.

Looking back at March, the first two to three weeks saw warm temperatures, sometimes cracking into the double-digits, coupled with very low precipitation levels.

“In fact, we saw less precipitation than what we would normally expect even in this dry month. In total, we saw about 21 millimetres reported at the airport compared to what we would normally see, which is about 29 or 30 millimetres – making this year’s total about 72% of normal,” said Erven.

The average temperature last month was 1.3 degrees, well surpassing the normal high of -0.2.