Housing sales across the north are occurring at a record pace according to the BC Northern Real Estate Board.

1,530 sales with a value of just under 502-million dollars have taken place in the region during the first quarter of this year.

This is more than double when compared to the same time last year where just 753 transactions occurred.

In Prince George, 380 properties worth 156-million dollars have changed hands in the first three months of 2021.

In the area west of the by-pass, the median price of the 70-single family homes sold was $410,000.

East of the by-pass, 38 properties changed hands selling for $325,000.

In the northern part (The Hart) of the city, 54 single-family residences were sold with a median price of $420,000.

In the southwest sector (College Heights), 64 homes have sold since January with a median price of 510-grand.

The average selling price for single-detached homes in Prince George at the end of March was just under $451,000 with 227 units being sold.