School District 57 is facing a $3.3 million budget shortfall.

This was made known at last night’s public board meeting and Vice Chairperson Brenda Hooker says this means it will be a difficult next few months.

She says this is on top of the $1.3 million over two years in administrative savings the provincial government is mandating the school districts to do.

“This year for the 15-16 budget, we have to come up with $727,000 of administrative savings,” says Hooker, “and so that amount is included in the $1.3 million.”

Trustee Sharel Warrington says the board will try to let the public in on what’s happening.

“That we can educate them on the gravity of the issues that are facing us,” says Warrington, “most of the publid doesnt’, the press does a good job, but how else can we get that message out.”

The board needs to approve the budget by the end of June.