BC gamblers might be in luck when it comes to making a bet on the big game.

Ottawa passed Private Members Bill C-218 in the House of Commons last night (Thursday) and will now head to the Senate.

Photo supplied by BCLC Twitter)

If passed, BCLC Spokesperson, Matt Lee told Vista Radio it would streamline sports-betting offerings at various locations.

“If single-event sports betting is legalized, BCLC can shift this play to BC casinos and Playnow.com to keep that money here in British Columbia and at the same time, prioritize the health of our players and to have that extra revenue support the province.”

“Of course, we are hopeful that single-game sports betting becomes legalized and be a reality for BC players. It’s certainly been a long time coming.”

Even during the pandemic, Lee stated there are still too many occasions where gamblers are taking their money elsewhere.

“Currently, BC players are still able to make single-event sports wagers but they are doing so on unregulated offshore gambling websites or in some circumstances travelling to Washington State casinos.”

The lotto corporation estimates single-event sports betting would generate an estimated 125 to 175 million dollars in additional revenue.

Currently, BC bettors are unable to wager on the winner of a single game and are forced to place a secondary wager on a different outcome.