The creative work of CNC Web and Graphic Design (WEGD) diploma students is on display for the community at a year-end digital showcase.

The showcase, held annually, was moved online this year as a result of the pandemic.

Despite the restrictions, organizers say the class created a strong online community — working together to build a new way to showcase their work.

“The past academic year has been challenging for everyone, but it hasn’t slowed down the Web and Graphic Design students,” said CNC WEGD instructor Sean Siddals.

“They participated in an internship, developed a robust online community, and created a lot of great work that deserves the spotlight.”

The digital showcase features work in web and graphic design, illustration, 3D modeling, and interactive digital media.

WEGD student Deon Meadows has spent the better part of the year designing digital content he hopes will get in front of potential clients at the portfolio showcase.

“It’s an opportunity to display the skills, abilities, and knowledge I’ve learned throughout the program,” he said.

It also features student work produced both in class and during internships.

The WEGD 2021 year-end digital showcase can be seen here: