Waiting lists at Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Northern BC aren’t growing as rapidly as other chapters across the country.

That’s according to Executive Director Tim Bennett.

He told MyPGNow.com while the pandemic has been tough on the non-profit sector, they have weathered the storm.

“We have definitely had to find efficiencies and operate a little bit differently. We are not in a position right now having to look at decreasing services.”

“Non-profits are no different when it comes to the impacts of COVID. However, we are so humbled by the support the community has provided us over the past year and we are very fortunate to not see a decrease in the donations that we receive.”

In fact, the last year and a bit have actually given them the opportunity to streamline their services.

“We have found new ways to serve children and youth whether that’s the Connect program or the Connect online offerings we have been able to grow our offerings to help meet the increased demand.”

As Bennett and the rest of his team keep a keen eye on the future, he admitted their virtual offerings will continue to exits even as life begins to shift to a more ‘normal’ phase.

With the pandemic slowly fading, Bennett mentioned the organization is getting set to host their major fundraisers such as the Glow in the Dark Golf Tournament and the Big Squeeze.