Saik’uz Chief Priscilla Mueller mentioned it’s a huge relief a healing and treatment centre located on the old Tachick Lake Resort near Vanderhoof is moving forward.

Carrier Sekani Family Services made the announcement yesterday (Thursday) following some deliberation with the province and the Agricultural Land Commission.

Mueller told Vista Radio the new facility will be a big step forward for those struggling with substance use.

“I think this is going to be something that is going to bring healing to our communities and to our members so I think it’s very exciting for us to be able to move ahead now and start with the design phase.”

The Centre is expected to offer 60 beds, where staff will offer a 4-week-long Addiction Recovery Program to local Indigenous residents.

It will offer men and women a range of services including grief and loss, trauma, gambling, and Opioid Replacement Therapies.

“The practices that we have as Carrier Nation is very similar. We are all different communities but our practices are very similar and that plays a big role and is a very important part of the healing centre.”

Mueller stated the traditional Indigenous healing methods are often the centerpiece when trying to get someone into a healthier state.

“We do have spiritual practices that have to do with water, the air, the land, and when we get on the land we have to get away from the busyness of the city so I think when we are out on the land it really grounds people.”

“Myself, when I do go out in the land I really feel the connection and it grounds me and it brings back a lot of things back into perspective when things are going on in my life. Just to kind of have that sense of serenity and the calmness out there is going to play a big part in healing.”

She added geography is the key as the facility would only be an hour or so away from Prince George.

“There is another close healing centre, it’s called Ormond Lake but it’s not the same as what we want to see at Tachick Lake. We want to see a 60-bed, three-phased healing centre.”